Pit Bull Tried Escaping Abusive Home Multiple Times — Finally Someone Saved Her

abusive home

A woman named Lea Frissen is someone we should admire and thank. Her actions are going to completely melt your heart. It all starts with a Pit Bull named Via who was living in a neglectful and abusive home.

Lea received a call about an injured Pit Bull roaming the streets of Abilene, Texas. She is an independent rescuer who has saved dozens of dogs, so, of course, she immediately went to check on the homeless and hurt dog.

When she arrived, she found the Pit Bull crouched near a bush. The poor dog was extremely thin and a bit small for her age and breed. She also had a horrible wound on her head. It was a sad sight.

“When I got out of the car she slowly crawled to me and ducked her head as if she was somewhat fearful,” Lea says. “I looped a leash around her neck and lifted her into the back of the car.”

There was a problem though — Lea was unable to bring the dog, named Via, home because she just rescued a dog the previous day. She hesitantly took the injured dog to the shelter to see if the staff could locate a microchip. Sadly — there wasn’t one.

Lea decided to get to work on social media to see if she could find out if anyone knew who this sweet dog was. This is when she got a message from someone and it broke Lea’s heart.

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