Meet Toby: Sweet Pit Bull Mix With Rough Start To Life Who Needs YOUR Help!


Pit Bull Paws is a site dedicated to sharing heartwarming rescue stories and adorable Pit Bull stories. But this time? We’re hoping that we can not only share an amazing story — but also help an even more amazing dog — a Pit Bull mix named Toby.

His name is Toby and he’s a sweet and adorable 6-month old Pit Bull mix who had a very rough start to life. You couldn’t even imagine what this amazing dog has been through and is still capable of love. He’s currently at Wise Animal Rescue.

Toby was found when he was 4 months old with serious injuries to his poor face. He had an injured eye and crushed nasal passages — we don’t even want to think about what horrific experience the sweet pup had to go through.

Due to this injury, adorable Toby lost one of his eyes and has a bit of nasal damage which makes him do a cute snorting sound now. When that happens, he needs a little help wiping his nose — just like a little kid.

Toby the Pit Bull mix has so many more amazing traits that you’ll read about on the next page — but what he really needs? Is a loving home and a bit of help. Find out how you can help on the next page!

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