Ill-Treated Pit Bull Found With 6-Pound Chain Around His Neck


An ill-treated Pit bull was found with a very heavy chain around his neck. The chain, 6 pounds in weight, was so tight it caused the poor dog to swell all over.

Pit Bulls in general get a bump’s rap. They tend to cultivate a swell of negative publicity and damning headlines. Pit Bulls, as a breed, have become the social outcasts of the doggie world.

Yet, for every Pit Bull that breaks the internet with a black spot in its breed’s reputation, there are hundreds that fill up this world with laughter, kindness and love.

Meet Roxanne, a beautiful Pit Bull that was discovered and saved from the harshest conditions imaginable. Roxanne had been abandoned, left behind on the streets and, to make matters worst, with the proverbial albatross hanging by her neck.

Roxanne was found wandering the neighborhood with a 6-pound chain tightly wrapped around her neck. The chain was constricting her airwaves, and slowly suffocating her. Turn to the next page to see the amazing recovery of the ill-treated pit bull

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