Bait Dog Is So Relieved To Get His First Warm Bath. Beautiful.


A bait dog, abused and neglected, experiences a warm bath he so desperately needs. Looking at his injuries, it is apparent that this marks the first time he is treated with kindness!

With a name like Rambo, you just know this puppy has brass balls. He’s a regular Stallone. A true blue hero, those that do not balk at danger.

Rambo, like his Hollywood namesake, is a survivor. Rambo was used, abused, neglected and finally, when he had no more to give, he was tossed by the side of the road like garbage.

Every Life Matters Animal Rescue in Rock Hill, South Carolina, found poor Rambo. One of their members came upon the haggard dog and instantly brought him to safety.

Turn to the next page to see the rest of Rambo’s story. He’s our little survivor; the hero of his own story!


  1. This abuse is beyond outrageous.So called humans who torture these innocent dogs and use them for barbaric acts should be put down

  2. Rambo has such a beautiful face. He must be a delight to know. Isn’t it awesome the way animals who have been.dealt such horrid abuse can still have only love in their.hearts. The beings who are so cruel and heartless could learn a lot from their prey if only they had sense enough to take heed.
    Thoughts and Prayers for Rambo to find a wonderful furever home and live the long happy life he deserves.

  3. yes it’s a story of love, caring, compassion and grief. He is an animal and doesn’t count!!! This boils my piss. He counts for more than the shit brainless lowlife idiots who put him there in the first place. He can rise above this with his life changing wounds. You,who did this will never get beyond your mental disabilities and will struggle through life as an abusive loser who will always abuse someone or something smaller than yourself. What have you achieved apart from more peoples mockery you idiot bully?

  4. This baby and so many others is why we have to work to make dog fighting and all animal abuse a crime punishable by federal prison. God bless his rescuers!

  5. That brought tears to my eyes.
    I cannot believe how anyone can mistreat a fur baby like that.
    I don’t know how such people can exist,they should be in jail for the rest of their despicable lives.
    I hope that with the awesome work of the veterinarian and staff,that poor fur baby will finally
    understand what Love & Compassion are.
    That it will no longer live in fear or suffer.
    I agree Sharon, God Bless his rescuers.

  6. Those that do this to animal’s are not human! They need to be publicly humiliated by baring their asses and whipped! Then thrown in jail for no less then ten yrs! A lashing for every year that they will spend in prison! Razor strap will leave scars and that’s what they deserve!