According To New U.S. Law, Police Officers Allowed To Shoot Dogs If They Do Anything But Sit And Be Quiet


Dog lovers — you are about to be shocked and saddened. We hate to be the ones to break this information to you. A new ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals has resulted in a new law that is going to make your jaw drop.

This new law will put every single dog in jeopardy who comes in contact with a police officer. Of course, many police officers would never think of harming a dog; but this new law makes it much easier to do so.

The ruling came about from an incident in Battle Creek, Michigan. Two Pit Bulls were shot while police officers were searching the home of Mike and Cheryl Brown for drugs back in 2013.

After the dust settled from the incident, the couple sued the police department; they said that the killing of their dogs was the equivalent to “unlawful seizure of property.” This is a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

According to the report, when Officer Christopher Klein went onto the Brown’s property, a large Pit bull lunged at him, barking aggressively. The officer feared he was going to be attacked and shot the dog.

The officer, however, also admits that the lunge was only a couple inches before he decided to pull the trigger. Of course, there was another Pit Bull on the premises. The wounded, brown Pit Bull began crawling down the stairs, where the officers followed.

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  1. The new law IS asinine!! Dogs bark…it’s what they do; doesn’t mean that it is a threat to a person!! My Pittie barks at EVERYBODY, but is sweet as pie! They probably only shot them because they were Pit Bulls! And, if the dog is on a tie-out outside & barks, I suppose they’re going to shoot it then, too?! ~SMH~

  2. That is the dumbest law this screwed up country has come up with!!!! People love their dogs as family members!! We have a Pit bull and a couple chihuahuas and they all love to bark….yes it can be annoying but I do not keep them out long for that reason! None of them are one bit aggressive, I would be devastated to have anything happen to any of them! And I am sure many of the officers have dogs waiting for them at home too!

  3. Hateful law. Dangerous times ahead for all dogs even inside their own homes. This law should not be law!!!! Some cops will call it target practice.

  4. The only thing this new stupid law going to do is cause more conflict between citizens and law enforcement and i for one will not stand idlely by and watch them shoot my fur babies because they bark i will never call the police to my house for any reason now and i will not support them anymore.

  5. Dear police people. Don’t let me lose respect for your office. Killing in this world has become so addicting. It is like the urge to kill is a need.and a joy. Emotional high, a drug. Please leave the canines alone. I understand you must protect yourselves but think twice before shooting dogs, cats, family pets. Some of these dogs are service dogs, watch dogs- they are loved. Please.

  6. Police shouldn’t be able too have an easy out for shooting a dog. They are family dog is going to sit still, and not bark or come up to a new person coming into a person’s yard or home. Dogs don’t work that way. Why should cops get away with shooting a dog at the drop of a hat? I have a German shepherd that would run up to greet, butt at 7 year s old has never bitten or attacked anyone. Id never let it go for the rest of my life if a cop came in my house and shot my family member. I would never forgive this. I have no desire to see a cop bitten or attacked, but i dont feel they should automatically shoot, and thats really what this law allows them to do. Its absolutely ridiculous, and it needs to be changed. Animals deserve better than this.

  7. People who live the life style involving illegal substances and own dogs put them at risk of being shot just as much as they do having their children taken away by a child protective agency. But that does not stop those people from using their illegal substances that brings police knocking on their doors now does it???? The children and the animals are the victims. The law is not appropriate and just as the children get to go live with relatives so should the pets. Just as the children go to foster homes, so should the pets. Just as children go to orphanages, so should the pets go to shelters. Do police get to shoot children? NO so should they NOT get to shoot the pets. I have been a CASA and dog rescuer for 21 years, I have only been bitten by a German Shepard, a Chihuahua, and a Pomeranian mix in my 52 years of life! I have 2 pit bulls and experienced BSL discrimination, experienced officers entering my premises in CA and Oregon with no fear of them shooting my dogs. I couldn’t imagine living in a state where I would be need to afraid of police killing my dogs…but then again I don’t do drugs, I don’t give them any reason to come knocking on my door. What if it were a different reason like domestic violence call and I had dogs barking, they could shoot? There would be a big problem then.