According To New U.S. Law, Police Officers Allowed To Shoot Dogs If They Do Anything But Sit And Be Quiet

Dog lovers — you are about to be shocked and saddened. We hate to be the ones to break this information to you. A new ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals has resulted in a new law that is going to make your jaw drop.

This new law will put every single dog in jeopardy who comes in contact with a police officer. Of course, many police officers would never think of harming a dog; but this new law makes it much easier to do so.

The ruling came about from an incident in Battle Creek, Michigan. Two Pit Bulls were shot while police officers were searching the home of Mike and Cheryl Brown for drugs back in 2013.

After the dust settled from the incident, the couple sued the police department; they said that the killing of their dogs was the equivalent to “unlawful seizure of property.” This is a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

According to the report, when Officer Christopher Klein went onto the Brown’s property, a large Pit bull lunged at him, barking aggressively. The officer feared he was going to be attacked and shot the dog.

The officer, however, also admits that the lunge was only a couple inches before he decided to pull the trigger. Of course, there was another Pit Bull on the premises. The wounded, brown Pit Bull began crawling down the stairs, where the officers followed.

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  1. The new law IS asinine!! Dogs bark…it’s what they do; doesn’t mean that it is a threat to a person!! My Pittie barks at EVERYBODY, but is sweet as pie! They probably only shot them because they were Pit Bulls! And, if the dog is on a tie-out outside & barks, I suppose they’re going to shoot it then, too?! ~SMH~